Blue Liquid Lips EP

by Fierce Band!

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Recorded ourselves in the year of 2011, Blue liquid Lips is our second official release. We supported and produced this solely on our own and even though the production is quite sketchy, we are very proud of what we have created. This EP marks the true shift into Fierce Band!'s modern sound. In this EP, we utilize our voices for harsh and traditional styled vocals, and use sound samples from speeches to convey other and deeper meanings within the theme of the song. These characteristics are what mark the signature Fierce Band! sound.

The album is free to download, but if you are one of those people who like to support bands by buying the music even when you can torrent it for free, then a donation can be made upon downloading. The lyrics are posted here on band camp, and a video of us performing the whole EP live can be seen here, along with many other Fierce Band! related videos:

Praise for Blue Liquid Lips:

"Fierce Band! meshes progressive metal with death metal, the death metal emphasis in the vocals, and I'd say it works out pretty well. Like anything of the progressive nature, it takes repeated listens to truly understand. Jammy and loose, the track reminds me of one of those practice sessions I had with my buddies back in high school. Those were the days - shooting the breeze, talking with your instruments without a worry in the world." - The Metal Advisor

"This could be easily compared to a lot of the greats but the more it goes on it sounds like Jesu or Isis mixed in with Scale the Summit."........."This is a very promising up and coming act out of Denton Texas."
- Encyclopedia Metallum!/2011_Demo/325929/

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released April 11, 2012

Aaron Vernon - Guitars, Vocals, Production, Album Art

Luke C/D - Bass, Vocals

Nathan Place - Drums



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Fierce Band! Denton, Texas

Formed in Denton, Texas; Fierce Band! are an experimental metal band who mix the sounds and styles of bands like Scale the Summit, From Monument to Masses, Isis, and Liquid Tension Experiment.

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Track Name: Blue Liquid Lips pt 1
"Sauntering through,
It's face is dripping.
Desperation to every right.
Her eyes are dancing;
to the rhythm of the throne,
a scepter of flesh and blood...

The way is twisted,
A craven to stay,
a craven to go."
Track Name: Blue Liquid Lips pt 2
"He dines with a white smile"
Track Name: Blue Liquid Lips pt 3
"The first to the right is the last to the left.
She gazes the festered heart,
surging blue ink.
This table is fit for dancing;
and dance you shall.
One of blood, one of greed, of ice and fire.
She gazes the festered heart,
surging blue ink.
Like the sound of her lips and a whisper.
This table is fit for dancing,
and dance you shall!"
Track Name: Blue Liquid Lips pt 4
"One of blood,
of greed,
of ice and fire.
The Blue liquid Lips await.
Unveiling another is the son that would have been.
Strength and scales betrayed.
Strength and scales betrayed.
Robbing the maiden,
a trial begins."
Track Name: Blue Liquid Lips pt 5
"One of greed,
one of ice,
one of fire!
Robbing the maiden,
A trial!
A trial begins!
Sauntering through (It's face is dripping)
.....Is twisted, warped, digested
The first to the right is the last to the left.
The Blue